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Dedicated to preserving Veteran Stories, if you or your loved one has a story to tell, please get in touch.


Veteran of the Day

Dedicated to all veterans, past and present, who served in the Australian Military.

We honor your service. Thank you today and every day.

About Veteran of the Day

Our Veterans still have stories to tell. Steve Price and the team from Wounded Heroes have dedicated this site to collecting and saving those stories for all Australians. If you or a family member have a story you want told, contact us today.

Veterans Stories

Col Lee

Episode 8 Col LeeCol joined the Navy in 1965 at 16 , went to HMAS Leuwin in Perth for a years...

Anthony “Harry” Moffitt

Episode 7 Anthony "Harry" Moffitt Anthony 'Harry' Moffitt recently retired from the Australian...

Casey Nixon

Episode 6 Casey NixonStraight out of grade 12 and at age 18, I joined Army as a PTE Soldier. I...

Mark “Henry” Lawson

Episode 5 Mark "Henry" LawsonHear about our latest Veteran of the Day, Mark "Henry"...

Shane Healey

Episode 4 Shane HealeyShane enlisted in the Australian Army in 1995. Between 2004 and 2008 he was...

Troy Methorst

Episode 2 Troy MethorstSteve Price: Troy Methorst joined the Australian army as an 18 year old and...

Sharon Bown

Episode 3 Sharon Bown Working in East Timor as a Royal Australian Air Force aeromedical evacuation...

Brendan Nikolajew

Episode 2 Brendon Nikolajew RAA Gunner“I joined the Army in 2008 as an RAA Gunner.I was one of 7...

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We aim to bring you a new story every month. 

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Steve Price

Steve Price


Seasoned newspaper reporter, columnist and editor Steve Price is celebrated for his unbiased and transparent communication skills in print, radio and television for over five decades.

Known for his strong opinions accompanied by compelling audience interactions, including national talkback. He is also the first choice to host and interview personalities across industries, including politics and entertainment.

One of Steve’s talents is coverage of live breaking news including disasters both local and international such as the September 11 terror attacks, the Bali bombings, Port Arthur massacre, Australian bushfires and of course political coups including the Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard battle plus the Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull stoush.

Steve loves a debate and enjoys moderating discussions for business functions and charity and hosting awards ceremonies.

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